One deal, a top selection of premium publishers

With Smart Deal+, we handpick our best publishers to create packages based on formats, verticals and more to come. Buyers get easy access to the best inventory at scale and can buy large volume inventory through one unique deal ID for each package. 


The straightforward path between buyers and sellers


+ Ease: Thanks to a unique deal ID and floor price per package, Deal+ helps you save time without affecting your performance. 

+ Large Reach: Buy more inventory through multiple publishers at once and reach audience at scale.

+ Quality: By gathering the best RTB+ inventory based on formats and verticals, Deal+ guarantees access to premium impressions to meet your objectives.


+ More opportunities: Reach new buyers by being part of larger size, more visible inventory packages. 

+ More revenue: Better sell your formats and audience and increase your revenue.

+ Less effort: Everything is handled by the Smart monetization team.